There aren’t many districts with the confidence to plan their very own Year of Culture, or to hold festivals of food and drink, with both British and foreign themes. But that’s the Horsham difference. Consistently recognised as one of the UK’s most desirable places to live, Horsham District has a great deal to offer to all who live, visit or work here. So this opportunity to build on our achievements, consolidating the steady growth of our thriving market town and rural villages really is one of a kind.


Make no mistake however: our expectations for this role are just as high. The ideal candidate will be an inspirational leader for the organisation who will drive innovation and have passion to provide the best quality services in the most efficient way for our district’s residents. You will need a singular ability to capture and communicate that vision and to move our business on apace, while working with a focus on Community, Economy, Efficiency and Environment. Your background is less relevant than where you can take us and we’ll be looking for evidence of ability to make a real difference.



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